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Our team at Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd. is comprised of fully licensed installers, expert estimators, and a professional customer-service staff that will ensure the project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Our primary focus is providing outstanding customer service. We dedicate ourselves to achieving service excellence and will make every effort to fulfill your home insulation needs within 30 days of initial contact.

When you reach out to us through our Customer Service at +1 (416) 606 9080 or via our website, we promptly connect you with one of our Technical Service representatives who will arrange a complimentary in-home visit.




  • One of our trained estimators will visit your property to assess it at no-cost. Our experienced staff understands the importance of paying attention to detail allowing for a transparent, fair, & competitive quotation.

  • We tailor our quality insulation and waterproofing service to your specific needs, ensuring your project meets the required R-values while staying within budget.   


  • We are a fully licensed and accredited contractor providing a 100% guarantee on our installation service. If our customer has any complaint about the quality of work, we will send a team back to fix the project and ensure all government standards are met.

  •  All our products are CCMC approved and come with a third-party lifetime warranty.


  • Our project supervisors closely manage the work performed by our professional installers ensuring the quality of work.


On-Site Consultations

We are a team of trained specialists who can come to your property to assess it before sharing the quotation.

Construction work planning
Preconstruction Budget Quote 

Email us your permit plans and we provide you with an affordable budget quote for your insulation, Fireproofing and drywall project.

Workers in Building Site

One-stop Services

Need to install Drywall after insulating your property? Ask us for a package quotation including insulation and drywall installation.

Civil Engineer at the construction site

Rebate Consultation

Receive Rebates for renovating your property and upgrading your home's insulation. 

Installation Issue Resolution

At Steadfast Group, we prioritize resolving any installation concerns you may have. If you are not completely satisfied with our insulation installation service, please don't hesitate to reach out to us right away at +1 (416) 606-9080 to report your concern.

Our goal is to address the issue promptly, and if we are unable to provide an immediate solution, we will arrange for a visit from your dedicated Technical Service Representative to assess the work completed.

During this thorough assessment, if any issues are identified, we will promptly schedule and carry out necessary repairs at our expense. Our commitment is to ensure your satisfaction and the successful resolution of any installation problems you may encounter.

Environmental Stewardship Guarantee 

Through meticulous planning and conscientious management practices, we strive to minimize pollution and environmental impact in all aspects of our operations. Our commitment extends not only to complying with environmental laws, regulations, and codes of practice but also to upholding ethical responsibilities of preserving and nurturing our environment.

At Steadfast, we highly value the well-being of our team members. We ensure that each individual receives comprehensive safety and confined workplace training, possesses the necessary protective gear, and understands the importance of proper hydration.

Terms and Conditions of Guarantees and Warranties

To make a claim under our guarantees and warranties, it is important to adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Timely Claim: You must initiate the claim within one month of the incident for which the claim is being made.

  2. Proof of Purchase: You must provide a copy of the original invoice issued by Steadfast Group as proof of purchase.

  3. Repair or Replacement: You acknowledge that Steadfast Group, at our sole discretion, will determine whether to repair or replace faulty insulation covered under the guarantee.

  4. Payment Requirement: Full payment is required to activate all Steadfast Group warranties.

  5. Additional Terms: Further terms and conditions can be found in the quotations provided by Steadfast Group.

  6. Non-Transferable: Guarantees and warranties are strictly non-transferable and can only be claimed by the original purchaser.

  7. Subject to Terms and Conditions: All guarantees and warranties are subject to the comprehensive Terms and Conditions specified by Steadfast Group.  

By abiding by these conditions, you can fully benefit from our guarantees and warranties.

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