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Who Are the Best Manufacturers of Spray Foam Insulations?

Having the right kind of insulation in your home can save energy costs and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

In Canada, you’ll find different kinds of insulation foams available on the market. By choosing the best one, you will get the best value for your hard-earned money.

What is This Spray Foam Insulation?

Also called foam insulation, spray foam is a new technique to insulate your home. It will prevent any air leaks throughout your house. It is of polyurethane foam, just like the one present in your memory foam mattress and couch.

Spray foam can ensure quality thermal insulation as it has a high R-value. R-value is the measurement of the density of this foam and how well it insulates. You will spray this foam into your walls and ceilings, and it will expand.

With the expansion, it will form an airtight seal. Spray foams with a high R-value can also be moisture-tight. So, your home will become impenetrable for any of those external elements.

Where Can I Use It & How Long Does It Last?

You can use this spray foam throughout your house. This includes your roof, your walls, your attic, and various other foundations.

But different areas throughout your house will need a different type of spray insulation density. We will talk about it briefly in just a bit.

Proper application of this spray foam will last till the lifetime of the house. However, open-cell spray foam is not moisture-proof, so that it will deteriorate over time.

But this is not the case with the closed-cell spray foam. It is air and moisture-proof, and it will stand the test of time. This is why it is more expensive than its open-cell counterpart.

Types of Foam Insulation

Primarily there are two types of spray foam insulations.


This foam insulation is much denser and is more expensive, with R-value ranging between 6 to 7 per square inch. However, it prevents air leaks and is moisture-tight too.


This is a less dense type of insulation foam, and its R-value is around 4 per square inch. It prevents air leaks but is not effective against moisture.

Other types

Other types include aerosol cans featuring 1-part formulas, which are suitable for DIY projects for your doorways. There are low-pressure sprayers also available with 2-part formulas, and they are suitable for smaller projects.

You can find 2-part kits that are applied with high-pressure sprayers. These are suitable for large-scale projects.

Best Manufacturers of Spray Foam Insulation in Canada

There are many brands you will find on the Canadian market for spray foam insulation. But not all of them deliver the same kind of quality, performance, and durability. So, to make things easier for you, we are listing down some of the best names in the market.

Comfort Lock by Shunda Polyurethane Ltd

Shunda’s Comfort Lock is closed-cell spray foam that features medium density. This polyurethane foam has been tested in independent labs and is CCMC certified.

The foam also complies with the material specifications of Standard Medium Density Thermal Insulation Polyurethane Foam.

Comfort Lock is an ideal choice for industrial, institutional, and residential buildings that need proper insulation. You can apply it on walls, rim joints, roofs, crawl spaces, and other difficult-to-reach spaces. Its core density is around 38 kilograms per cubic meter.

WallTite XL by BASF Canada

The WallTite XL is closed-cell spray foam with medium density. It is available in two different reactive grades. One is WallTite XL regular and the other one is WallTite XL CT (Cold Temperature). Its core density is around 34 kilograms per cubic meter.

This polyurethane foam is ideal for institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings that need insulation. In addition, you can use the below and above grade for exterior and interior bullying envelopment applications.

It's a pretty good option to use between cavities, foundation walls made of wood or steel, and under the floor slabs along with cantilevered areas.

HeatLok HFO Pro by Demilec

This insulation polyurethane spray foam is a 2-component closed-cell product. It uses various recycled materials that feature rapidly renewable soy oils with a blowing agent with zero potential for ozone depletion.

It complies with the International Code Council’s commercial and residential building codes. In addition, you can use it for thermal insulation, vapor retarding, water resistance, and air barrier.

It's a top choice for all above and below-grade exterior and interior applications. The core density of HeatLok HFO Pro ranges between 32 to 38.4 kilograms per cubic meter.

SealTite One by Carlisle

The SealTite One is a medium-density closed-cell offering by Carlisle. It meets the strict closed-cell medium density requirements and stands out in sprayability along with technical performance.

This spray foam also comes with zero ozone depletion substance. As a result, it's an ideal option for residential and commercial applications that comply with the National Building Code of Canada.

It comes with a core density of 36.3 kilograms per cubic meter, and it sets up quickly and won’t creep. Moreover, the SealTite One is a top choice for cold weather adhesion.

Foam-Lok 2000C1 by Lapolla

The closed-cell spray insulation polyurethane foam with high performance. It meets strict standards and allows builders and architects to push the design limits while meeting or exceeding code requirements.

Moreover, this foam is highly recommended for residential and commercial building owners. Its core density is around 35.7 kilograms per cubic meter. It can reduce heat and moisture transfer and improves racking strength significantly.

Final Thoughts

There are various brands you can go for when it comes to spray foam insulation in Canada. But going for the top names will make sure you are getting the best products and services.

Furthermore, you will be able to meet the building codes and reduce your energy bills significantly by working with authentic brands.

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