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Does Your Home Need Crawl Space Insulation?

For those of you who don't know, crawl space is the area right underneath the structure of your home. It comprises the space between your first floor and the ground. Installing a crawl space insulation will cut off unnecessary moisture from your home. By reducing moisture levels, you can prevent mold development.

Since crawl space is not a livable area, it is often overlooked. But once you install crawl space insulation, it can save you money on bills by improving the insulation of the space.

Why people don't install crawl space insulation

Most people think that crawl space insulation is not mandatory for all homeowners because this section does not have a climate-control system. But that is wrong because every homeowner can benefit by getting crawl space insulation.

Benefits of installing crawl space insulation

  • It reduces the spread of odors in crawl sauce

  • Better energy efficiency for your home

  • Better moisture control that will prevent mold

  • Warmer floors in colder months

  • Improves air quality for your home

  • Better comfort levels on each floor in your home

Your Home Comfort Guarantee

The comfort of your home directly associates with how much insulation you have in its crawl space. With the air sealing upgrades and insulation, you will notice that your living space has become even more comfortable for you.

Your air sealing helps reduce cold spots and drafts, while insulation in the crawl space can reduce the energy loss in your home and make energy consumption more efficient.

Home energy audit

But which area to focus on? You can do that with a home energy audit. This audit will allow you to find out the problematic areas in your home so you can attend to them first. This audit will also provide you with a list of upgrades with respect to their cost-effectiveness.

Your crawl space might not be climate-controlled, but it is a part of your home's building envelope. It serves as a protective armor formed with air sealing and insulation to keep the indoors separate from the outdoors.

Therefore, to maintain a much better energy efficiency level, you must go for this insulation and sealing. With more robust sealing and insulation, your building envelope will be much stronger, and your house will be more energy extinct, which will reduce your utility costs.

Airtightness test

In this regard, an airtightness test is highly recommended. It will determine any air leaks within your building envelope. And that section can be flagged for sealing.

Any air sealing upgrade will become much easier if this technique is followed. With this test, you will be able to focus on areas where there is too much mold.

Using Spray Foam for air Sealing and Crawl Space Insulation

Spray foam insulation in Toronto is a common choice for insulating crawl spaces because it has a pretty good R-value. This value is the measurement of the efficiency of foam to resist the flow of heat energy. Apart from that, spray foam also has much better moisture control and air sealing.

Residential Spray foam can prevent any unwanted air transfer between the outside and the building envelope. It tends to fit the space where it is installed. This is to make sure that any air leaks or cracks are adequately sealed.

There are lesser air leaks, and moisture level gets better control first insulation prevents mold in our home's crawl space. It also limits moisture build-up. Our experts will consult with you to eliminate the moisture from the crawl space of your home.

Our team makes serious efforts to assist homeowners in improving their crawl spaces. This will enable you to contain those high moisture levels throughout the years in different seasons.

Book Your Assessment Today

Looking for the best service in town when it comes to air sealing and crawls space insulation for your home? Well, you don't have to look anywhere else. Book your assessment today and determine where your house stands in terms of moisture control and mold probability.

Our team will provide you with the most probable and optimal steps you should take with our home energy audit and an airtightness test. These two assessments will let you know how your house scores and improve overall energy efficiency.

We have a team of experts who understand the ins and outs of crawl space insulation and air sealing, and they will guide you in this regard after conducting the assessment.

You can reach out to us via telephone or email to get the estimated cost of spray foam insulation in Toronto.

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