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Fireproofing and Fire-Stopping

Fireproofing and fire stopping are two of the most effective ways to prevent and stop fire from spreading along with all those harmful gasses throughout the building. Both techniques serve the same goal but are effective in different ways. 

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What is Fireproofing?

Fireproofing is the application of a fire-resistant coating that prevents any damage caused by flames. It reduces the flame spreading and heat transmission through the ceilings and walls in a building. 

It can be used in all kinds of construction materials. These include commercial, residential, situational, industrial, and historical structures. This fire-resistant coating is applied to the internal surfaces of doors, ceilings, walls, and floors. But external applications can also be done. 

The overall goal is to prevent fires from spreading. In addition, this coating serves as a barrier between the internal space of a building and the outside world. 

This technique is often paired with other techniques such as sprinklers to ensure full heat protection from fires burning in carpets and furniture.

What is Fire-Stopping?

It is a protective layer that prevents heat from passing through openings and cracks within ceilings and walls. Fire stopping is an important part of any fire safety plan for a structure. 

The goal here is to prevent flames from spreading into the stricture due to heat spreading through openings in the building materials. As it is designed to fill cracks and crevices, it is only effective when applied correctly. 

It can help in developing a strong structural defense against fires, especially in structural imperfections such as studs, electrical wires, and plumbing pipes. 

Fire-stopping can be used along with other insulation methods. These include the likes of fiberglass batt insulation or spray foam insulation to ensure that the entire structure remains safe from that heat leakage. Therefore, our fireproofing excerpts highly recommend it. 

Why Should You Do Fireproofing?

Here are five benefits of fireproofing and why you should do it in your commercial or residential building. 

  • The fireproofing spray is an excellent way to protect your property from fire damage. You can use it on surfaces ranging from wood, metal, vinyl, and brick to stucco or concrete. 

  • It's pretty effective in safeguarding your property and dealing with fuel oil or grease fires. 

  • Not only will it stop fire spread, but it will also prevent any damage caused due to overheating before the fire has started. Therefore, you might be able to prevent further damage if your property catches fire before it goes too far. 

  • It is effective because it fills voids and gaps within the structural material and prevents flames from getting into the internal premises. 

  • This product is made of a liquid containing hydrochloric acid and boric acid with a powder with borax in it. And when you put these ingredients into the sprayer, it will mix them and form the fireproofing agent. 

What Does Fireproofing Do to the Building?

The fireproofing spray is an effective technique to stop fires. It assists in preventing the fire from spreading, and the situation becomes much simpler for you to escape danger. It is available in various types of containers that you can purchase from your local hardware store. Or you can reach out to us for high-quality fireproofing services. 

You will have to spray these products on combustible surfaces prone to catching fire. But before application, make sure that these surfaces are dry. Otherwise, it might result in an oxygen depletion explosion as that can happen if this product comes in contact with liquids. 

In the end, you will have to let it dry before using it again. Because too much application might cause problems such as skin irritation or even burns. Therefore, get in touch with us for the best-fireproofing services in Toronto. 

This happens due to flash-overs as heat is generated when solvents are mixed with water during the application process. The layer covers the surfaces and starts working as a fire resistant to keep the surfaces safe while resisting heat transfer. So give us a call for the best-fireproofing services. 

When to Use Fire Stopping?

Fire stopping is another way that you can use to protect your property from flames. But it is also more expensive compared to fireproofing. This technique requires specialized material installation, so you might want to hire a professional contractor for this. 

Before you start googling "fire-stopping near me", you have to keep in mind that it might be expensive, but if your property is prone to fire, it's well worth the investment. You should go for this if you are initiating a new construction project or making a significant change to your current one.

For instance, If you are installing new doors, windows, or roofing, you should use fire-stopping between these elements and your ceiling and walls. So give us a call today for firestopping in Toronto. 

In case of any major remodeling on the external walls, you can also install firestopping there. It doesn't need to be permanent, and you can remove it once the construction project is over. Firestopping removal is much easier than installation. You can give us a shout-out today for the best firestopping services in Toronto. 

This is especially true when using non-combustible firestopping materials such as wood studs or drywall. But remember that if you don't remove it, your insurance might not cover the damage if someone else has caused a fire by cutting an electric wire. 

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Why Should You Hire a Professional Fireproofing and Fire Stopping Service Provider?

Going for a professional service regarding fireproofing and fire stopping is critical. Just reach out to use the best fire-stopping services. 

Professionals have years of experience working with these products and understand how to make them work on different surfaces. Moreover, these experts understand how much of each ingredient has to be used to form the perfect solution for various applications. 

We understand how these products work and what should be kept in mind when applying them safely. As a result, we are the best service provider for fireproofing in Toronto. 

Our team of excerpts has years of experience. It can provide you with detailed advice about your fireproofing or fire-stopping project. You will be able to make a well-informed decision and find the best solution to your problem cost-effectively. 

Just Give us a call today for high-quality fire-stopping services today!

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